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Digital innovation for

seamless customer experience.


Interactive Video

Deliver Personalised videos to your customers. Use creative content including text, visuals and audio to grab the attention of customers. Customers have the option of reaching a call centre agent instantly.



Social Media 

Create and share content on Social Media to achieve your marketing, sales and branding goals.

WhatsApp for business

Provides a platform for businesses to communicate with customers using text, visual and audio. Have real time conversations with customers or use a bot. Customers have the unique ability to speak to an agent in real time.


JumpStart bots operate as an agent or a program to automate meaningful conversations.  Customers can speak to a live agent in real time at any point during the conversation. Both AI and Machine Learning bots available.


Use web pages to create personalised content accross the customer life cycle.

Digital Letter

Deliver Digital Letters to customers who can link to an agent in real time telephonically.  


Customer can upload documents across multiple channels. Documents collected is actioned. Automated messages sent  requesting outstanding documentation. Full management of documentation process.


Deliver professional personalised interactive voice recorded messages to your customers. Ideal for acquisitions, collections, credit limit increases and general notifications. Unique capability to hot connect customers directly into inbound with no integration to telephony or dialers. 


Fully interactive personalised emails including buttons for connecting customers into contact centres. 


Customers can make payments from multiple products including digital letters, statements, mobi, email, WhatsApp, SMS  and Voice etc. Increase collections and product sales with conveninet payment options including credit card/debit card, eft, snap scan and zapper etc.


Turn a normal SMS into a smart interactive channel with mobi links. Customers can hot connect into inbound within seconds.

Interactive USSD

Connect with customers using a session of text messages. This is a convenient way to have two-way conversations. Used for obtaining information from customers. Includes the option to speak to an agent in realtime during the session.

Interactive Statements

Get real value from digital customer statements with a measurable delivery rate. These statements have a unique capability to allow customers to connect to an agent in real time to make payment arrangements, request a credit limit increase, purchase other products and services etc. You can Include marketing and notification content on the statement.


Text visual and audio delivered to customers and includes connecting customers into your contact centre.


Optimise your web based customer interactions. Customers have an option to be connected to an agent telephonically or via WebChat in realtime.

Short code

A Short code is a memorable five digit SMS number which customers can message. Often used in marketing and sales campaigns. This code has a unique capability to hot connect customers into a contact centre.

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