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Jumpstart Public Sector Digital Solutions

The interconnectedness of the customer, user and employee experience is orchestrated through a digital ecosystem. The digital citizen experience demands:

  • Ease of use

  • Channel of choice

  • Time of day

  • Self-service capability

  • Real-time resolution

  • Combination of Bot or Live chat experience

  • Security

  • Flexibility

  • Ability to service end to end seamlessly

  • Verifiable tracking

Such a landscape affords public sector departments and entities the opportunity to:

  • Boost their efficiencies and productivity

  • Reduce backlogs

  • Reduce costs to service

  • Streamline services

  • Increase revenue generation across multiple government streams


Revenue Collections-iQ

Omnichannel End-to-end Digital Collections.

Fault Logging

Utilised for reporting matters like potholes, burst water pipes, traffic lights and live electric wires etc.


Omnichannel capability with automated query and payment functionality.

Refuse Collection

Services to provide accurate tally of bins collected per residence for accurate fee allocation.


Digital Transformation of online portals for better customer experience and service.


Digital Payments.

WhatsApp Services

Query resolutions, information dissemination, push/pull of documentation, bot functionality as well as live agent chat capabilities.


Water meter reading services.


Digital document collection and management.


HR services for onboarding range of employees who don’t have ready access to VPNs or your intranet, digital payslip delivery with authentication and tracking, HR query logging.


Self-service Solution for Contact Centres

Utilising a range of digital services to help citizens seeking services from departments like the UIF or SASSA.

The urgent need to service the digital citizen of today, has created a path of digital transformation and hyperautomation of Public Sector Services. 

Create a true

"smart government"

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