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Digital innovation for seamless customer experience.

JumpStart Campaigns

Campaign Management

  • Set Campaigns

  • Monitor and Manage Campaigns

  • Manage Operational fulfilment using:

  • Live-time dashboards

  • Real-time Scheduler

  • Data driven Campaign Optimisation

  • Activity based costing

  • Optimise:

  • Right Customer

  • Right Time

  • Right Channel / omnichannel


Agent Interface

  • Reference and action customer records

  • Capture disposition codes

  • Send pre-configured messages across

  • Send free text messages

  • Set reminders

  • Live time Chat

JumpStart Marketing

Customer Acquisition

  • Omnichannel for marketing products & services

  • Personalisation

  • Instant Hot Connects for Hot Leads

JumpStart Collect

Debt Collections Management

  • Self Service PTPs

  • Instant Hot Connects

  • Letters of Demand

  • Legal Notifications

  • Payments

  • Payment Reminders

  • Customer Statements

  • Educational Videos

JumpStart Surveys

Customer Surveys

  • Surveys across the customer life cycle

  • Omnichannel surveys to optimise response rates

  • Customers have a choice on which channel to complete surveys

  • Surveys analysis

JumpStart Statement

Digital Customer Statements

  • Send customer statements across eMail, Mobi and MMS

  • Interactive Statements including option for speaking to an agent instantly

  • Customers can:                    -Make paymen                  arrangements                   -Request limit increases   -Make Payments

JumpStart Fraud & Authentication

Proactive Fraud Management

  • Fraud Alerts

  • Stop/Suspend Card Instructions

  • Single Factor Authentication

  • Dual Factor Authentication

  • Random Security Validation

  • Fraud Product Integration

JumpStart Doc Management

Document Management

  • Customer can upload documents across multiple channels

  • Document collection is actioned

  • Automated messages requesting documentation

  • Process management

JumpStart Payments

Take Payments

  • Link payment gateways into all messages (text, voice and video)

  • Payments from Statements and Digital Letters

JumpStart Enterprise

Enterprise Communications

  • Geared for Large Enterprises

  • Multiple modules to manage the full customer life cycle

  • Customer Level communication

  • Integration into sales, collections and processing systems

  • API Integrations

  • Integration into Credit Bureaus

  • Single view of customer

  • Data driven strategies

  • Large scale omnichannel testing

JumpStart Flows

Design Strategy Flows

  • Customise communications flows for automated integrated omnichannel communication

  • Time based actions

  • Best practice or bespoke flows

JumpStart Originate

Process New Customers

  • Onboarding Process

  • Quick Bureau Checks

  • Internal Score Checks

  • Affordability

  • Application Completion

  • Contracts

  • Document Collection

  • Document Management

  • New Customer Education

  • Surveys

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